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What does she want?

What do women want? Well, to start, what women want are power tools, dishwashers, digital cameras, automobiles, and houses. Not surprising to those who… Read More

Happy B-Day iPod: iPod Gets Older But Not Wiser

After five years, the iPod is still not doing certain things well. And for the stuff they think they do well – well, they… Read More

Resolution Independence

Apple has revealed that Leopard’s interface will be resolution-independent. This is a big deal in the development word, as it is the first acknowledgment that… Read More

Apple Droning: Explained

Two weeks ago, I wrote about why Apple was doomed. That entry generated a lot of …er… feedback. The feedback was emotional [and misguided], to… Read More


I have joked (in a not-so-funny-way) that the reason I (an otherwise marginally capable web developer) have trouble with office phones is that there really… Read More

They can put a man on the moon… so why is my cell phone so #$&@ hard to use?

It was with great hope that we purchased our latest round of cell phones. New phones! Surely these will work better than our last phones,… Read More


Mike Padilla from Digital Web Magazine wrote a great (and courageous) article on the compromises that we often make as UI designers. In “… Read More

That broken phone isn’t really broken

A new survey of 15,000 “faulty” wireless devices returned to UK provider WDSGlobal found that 63 percent of them weren’t broken… Read More


Sarah A. Rice just wrote a nice piece on Boxes And Arrows about how metaphors can increase customer acceptance. In the article, she… Read More

Jane Jacobs & the web

For someone who grew up disliking the bustle, noise and apparent violence of the city, Jane Jacobs was a real eye opener. Read More