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We’ve hand-picked the following case studies to demonstrate our research, brand, and advertising practice. We are confident that our doctoral-level researchers, strategists, and creatives are more than capable to tease out the brand attributes that make Hampton, VA authentically, competitively, and sustainably you.


Sean Sutherland
Director of Marketing
81 Mosher Street, 3rd floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21217

Defining the voice of a community pillar.

Masked Aims Community College students pose around a neon sign in a campus common area, the sign reads "I heart aardvarks"

Aims Community College

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Forming a single brand for holistic healing.

A mother smiles with her two young children in front of a nice suburban home

Ashley Addiction Treatment

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Recruiting residents to Charm City.

A Baltimore City mailbox with an "I Heart City Life" bumper sticker attached to it

Live Baltimore

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Spreading facts on the vax.

A woman's arm with a band-aid and sticker that reads "I got my COVID-19 vaccine"

Chase Brexton Health Services

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Celebrating 200 years.

Colgate students hurry to their classes on a sunny day in early fall, the chapel visible in the background

Colgate University

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Giving voice to the liberal arts.

Three U-Dub students sit on a bench on campus

University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences

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