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Commoditization of Starbucks?!? Say it ain’t so!

Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz allegedly wrote this memo to CEO Jim Donald earlier this month. There is some doubt in the blogs I have read… Read More

CareerBuilder knocks C-K, C-K cuts Back

So you have all heard of careerbuilder, you know, the monkeys & whatnot. What is interesting is that several years ago you may NOT have… Read More

AOL Bets Big on Ads

Earlier this week, AOL announced a departure from their subscription based revenue model. They plan to make cash by selling ad space. In fact,… Read More

Customer Experience: The Last Competitive Advantage

Recently, we lost our resident tech guru to greener pastures in the Pacific North West. All of the office… Read More


Sarah A. Rice just wrote a nice piece on Boxes And Arrows about how metaphors can increase customer acceptance. In the article, she… Read More

Jane Jacobs & the web

For someone who grew up disliking the bustle, noise and apparent violence of the city, Jane Jacobs was a real eye opener. Read More

Measuring The Death of Broadcast Radio

The radio. It’s that thing with knobs and buttons on your car’s dashboard. All indicators say that radio is losing ground to internet radio, podcasting,… Read More

The Ongoing Conversation: Design vs ROI

There’s an interesting article on Apple’s site about the folks at MetaDesign discussing an age old problem designers face… Value. Having experienced this myself, it… Read More

On the Cost of Quality: The Holy Trinity

Keeping clients happy can be a difficult task. One of the keys seems to be setting their expectations properly. But even with the best intentions,… Read More

Customer Education

This morning, the GE repairman came to my house to fix our refrigerator. The fridge’s internal light wasn’t shutting off because the door dropped about… Read More