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WordPress 3.4 Beta!

Today WordPress released its version 3.4 beta and I have to say I’m impressed. The additions and improvements are small but I can tell that… Read More

PHP errors for designers (the appendix)

One of the hardest things for me to learn is to read error messages and translate them into something meaningful that leads me to a… Read More

Adobe Halting Mobile Flash Development.

Wow. Read More

To jQuery or not to jQuery…

As we look more towards responsive design as a solution to mobile websites one issue keeps coming up: page bloat. The recent prevalence of broadband has… Read More

Adobe Introduces Adobe Edge Preview

This past Monday, Adobe released a preview of Adobe Edge 1.0 to the public. They hope to launch the actual product next year. So, what… Read More

One Final Web Form Post…

The Current State of HTML 5 Forms. It’s a listing of all new attributes with their support in each modern browser clearly displayed, as… Read More

Conditionally requiring fields

I hate forms. They’re often ill-considered and when improperly handled can be a security risk.  To mitigate the security risk developers turn to validation to… Read More

E-Commerce Checkout Design.

I’m going to steal a little of my colleague Dan’s thunder with this one, because it’s just too good to go unnoticed. He sent around… Read More

Designing for TV

I’ve been aware of the recent slew of TV sets that have some sort of browsing functionality built into them, but haven’t given them much… Read More

Matrix + Structure + Freebie = Expression Engine Image Gallery

One of the great things about ExpressionEngine as a CMS is the number of fantastic plugins there are.  Two that we really like are… Read More