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Flash your phone

Apple appears to be lifting some limitations for sheltering its iPhone. Adobe Labs has announced that Flash CS5 will allow for developers to use… Read More

Ride the wave, dude.

Google Wave is hitting the proverbial shelf tomorrow and I have never seen people this excited about a intangible product. The hype is warranted… Read More

Youtube Kicks IE6 to the Curb.

So, this was the big news yesterday: YouTube has announced they are going to drop support for IE6, something that makes web designers and… Read More

Typography vs. the Internet

As an interactive designer, getting good solid typographic control of “system text” seems to be a constant battle. In an age of endless typeface choices… Read More

The Internet All Grown Up and Grown out

This past weekend a friend of mine brought over his Nintendo Wii, not only was I impressed with its gameplay and usablility, but… Read More

Cool AJAX “loading” Image Generator

Simply put, this is cool. Generate your own “loading” images in a matter of seconds. Specify foreground and background colors, and the type of… Read More

Information’s Growing Pains

We can all agree that the volume of information on the web is growing at an astonishing rate. What we can’t seem to agree on… Read More

Question: How do web developers measure job security?

Answer: Not the S&P 500. Not the consumer price index. Not the prime interest rate or inflation. Not the unemployment rate or inflation. Read More

Mission Impossible Accomplished

This morning I took a look at the site for Catholic Community Services via So what you say? Another… Read More

Google Web Toolkit

Google has released the Google Web Toolkit, a framework for developing AJAX apps in Java. I suppose it’s a good thing, because we certainly… Read More