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Hooray! Apple to announce iPhone 5 on October 4th & the iPhone’s evolution

Many sources have been citing that CEO, Tim Cook, has scheduled a huge media event on October 4th. These sources cite that the newest iPhone will… Read More

It’s just an iPhone, what’s the big deal?

Admittedly, I’m an Android guy that loves Macs. Ever since my Blackberry disaster a few years back leading me to buy my first Android phone,… Read More

Kris “Kindle”

Forget Kris Kringle, The Kindle e-reader ruled this holiday season. But before diving into some impressive statistics, first consider this… My mother got a Kindle… Read More

Constantly Connected

So I’m as big a tech geek as the next social networking, smartphone toting, foursquare mayor out there but I still don’t understand this insatiable… Read More

Is Google Going After Vonage and Skype?

I don’t have a home phone number. Haven’t had one in five years. Haven’t really needed one… except when I am working from home and… Read More

Step away from the smart phone…

Pete Cashmore from Mashable is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. Most of the 106 people (for today) that I’m following are… Read More

Mobile Phone Use is On The Rise! Are You Ready for It?

According to Mobile Access 2010, a new study released by Pew Internet & American Life Project, “40% of adults use the… Read More

How fast can you read on these new-fangled tablet things anyway?

Last Friday Jakob Nielson released a study showing that while people may enjoy the experience of reading books on a tablet device (iPad and… Read More

Sibling Rivalry and the iPhone 4

I first realized that I needed an iPhone when I went to visit my grandmother in Boca Raton, Florida. Read More

Let’s talk about internet spaceships

This past weekend saw the eighth annual Eve Online Alliance Tournament reach it’s climactic conclusion with Pandemic Legion taking the win over HYDRA reloaded. If… Read More