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Making Sense of Mobile Madness

By Dr. Sean Carton, Chief Creative Officer and Professor of the Practice at the University of Baltimore When the topic of “mobile” comes up, one… Read More

HTML5: End-run around the iPhone App Store?

This is funny: Google just released an HTML5 version of their Google Voice App, allowing iPhone users to access it through their browser, making… Read More

It’s Broken

In a fantastic and still relevant talk from 2006, Seth Godin discusses broken design with the same frustration I feel on a day to… Read More

This could change everything

  There are two ways to get at data. First, you can access data by looking it up: this is what database programs do. Or,… Read More

Mind the Social Networking Hackers

As powerful and important (slash addictive) as social networking sites, like Facebook, have become they also come with that security risk – hackers and… Read More

Use The Force, Ethan!

Believe it or not, some of the most popular toys for 2009 look like they’re going to be brainwave powered. Uncle Milton’s Toys (kind… Read More

Technology, Meet Sustainability (with a refreshing scent!)

I’m an eco-freak (self-confessed), so when I came across this product the other day via a curious targeted ad/link at the top of my goggle… Read More

Are captchas getting harder?

I have noticed lately that Captchas, those ubiquitous letter-images designed to fool computers (but supposedly readable by humans) have been getting absolutely… Read More

Amazon Owns Me

Amazon is slowly but surely taking over my life. If you look at the pie chart on my online banking, you’ll see… Read More

Visual Searching

As the amount of information continues to grow on the internet, it is becoming harder and harder to find stuff. As you know, necessity is… Read More