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Apple Vision Pro: UX Yay or Nay?

A new immersive spatial computing platform showing great potential to improve how we work, collaborate, communicate, play, and consume media. Most fundamentally, however,… Read More

Getting Drafty

Why you should use AI to generate first drafts and not feel bad about it. In the chaotic twists and turns of the… Read More

Hormones. Yeah, that’s right, hormones.

If we’re being honest, it’s a little exhausting keeping up with all the chatter around artificial intelligence. But, it is important, and there’s… Read More

Which Education Technology Companies Are Driving Baltimore City?

Innovation and education have always gone hand-in-hand in Maryland. There are 118 Teach for America Schools, The… Read More

The US Gives Up Control of IP & DNS Systems

WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE INTERNET!? Last week the government announced it was moving forward with a plan, originally set over 15 years ago, to hand… Read More

Facebook [Finally] Announces “Home” in place of the Previously Roumored Faecbook Phone

For a few years now it’s been rumored that Facebook would be entering the mobile marketplace with a unique hardware devices of its own. Late… Read More

Going Offline: Technology, Hurricanes and Productivity

Every once and a while something happens and we are in the somewhat unfortunate state of being “offline”. With smartphones, tablets, netbooks with built-in 4G technology it’s… Read More

The Rise of the Mobile Gaming Industry

With the average iPhone user playing 14.7 hours of games each month it’s no surprise that the mobile gaming industry is expected to double by… Read More

Don’t Lose Your Smartphone.

Via BoingBoing, a report by Symantec is out studying the consequences of losing a smartphone. According to the study, it’s… Read More

In which I have come to hate updating OS X

I get to wear a lot of hats at idfive; everyone here does.  One of my favorites is pseudo-IT-guy…  or at least it was until… Read More