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eSports shifts into high gear

It has been popular knowledge for a while now that video Games are a bigger industry than movies. But perhaps we have been comparing it… Read More

What $100 can do that many $1000’s can’t

I was struck while reading an excellent rundown of the $100 laptop how ingenious and intelligent most of its features really are. While I have… Read More

Food for the brave: Thailand Unique

I know that this has nothing to do with anything pertaining to technology, advertising, media, or any of the other stuff we… Read More

iPhone Gestures Are Awesome, But…

The most compelling attribute about the iPhone is the touch screen and gestures that control it. Why? Because interfacing with this device is different,… Read More

A fix for un-clickable URLs in emails

I was just flipping through “Lifehacks” and came across this: Tiny URL Anyone who is perpetually frustrated by huge URL strings that wrap in… Read More

Newton vs iPhone

In acknowledgment of the iPhone’s release to the frenzied public, and since I am waiting until I can afford one the bugs get worked… Read More

iCamping (Mario’s First in Line)

I got a call last night from my buddy Mario Armstrong advising me that he was first in line and camping out for… Read More

Best Flight Patterns Ever

We’ve all seen the hub and spoke flight pattern that most airlines publish in the back of their complimentary magazines. Well this takes… Read More

Google Magic 8 Ball Part II

It also works well with “thinks”. Per Google: “Claire thinks I need some serious sensitivity training.” “Claire thinks she is a cat.”… Read More

You Need. . .

Step right up. Come one, come all to experience the amazing psychic abilities of GOOGLE?!? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the search engine we have… Read More