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What google REALLY does

I just thought I would make a – maybe obvious – comment on what google really does. Google is a time saver. That is all… Read More

Widget You Say?

I don’t get into the whole fight over Mac vs. PC. To me it is like two brothers, one… Read More

The iPhone iExpected

It’s been a long long time since I have seen this much hype surrounding an unknown announcement and this much expectation placed on rumor and… Read More

Even MORE new Apple products!

iTalian: Colander that includes scroll wheel for easy pasta size selection. iAndi: iPod that only plays reggae. iRoc: Apple… Read More

Gamers Gone Wild?

I went to my local GameStop store right before Thanksgiving to pick up my PS3.They held one for me because months before that, I… Read More

The Future of The Web?

One of the first units I teach in both of my Interactive Media, and User Experience and Interface Design classes is the “then, now and… Read More

No Strings Attached

Not too long ago, I lost my phone in Chicago. The replacement phone that I got from Sprint took a while to get used to. Read More

Will Zune Flop?

Maybe. All indications say that it will. Reviews aren’t good. But I am still hopeful. I like competition. It forces hardware and software to… Read More