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Are captchas getting harder?

I have noticed lately that Captchas, those ubiquitous letter-images designed to fool computers (but supposedly readable by humans) have been getting absolutely… Read More

Amazon Owns Me

Amazon is slowly but surely taking over my life. If you look at the pie chart on my online banking, you’ll see… Read More

Visual Searching

As the amount of information continues to grow on the internet, it is becoming harder and harder to find stuff. As you know, necessity is… Read More

Need more AIR?

I think it was pretty much a consensus that Apple’s recent introduction of the MacBook Air was amazing and certainly generated… Read More

Scary Robots

ASIMO, Honda‚Äôs Robot can now serve you coffee. While the collision detection and new decision making processes released with the latest version are… Read More

Last minute gifts for CEO Boss manager-types

No one needs a gift more than your boss. The person in charge is in such dire need that they probably don’t even KNOW they… Read More

Last minute gifts for Debutante Designers

Designers are all snooty about darn near everything, so it is difficult to find gifts that would genuinely please them. Here are some little things… Read More

Last Minute Gifts for Catatonic Coders

Walking through your office you may spy the elusive and hard to please programmer/coder/geek. This person (often male) is one of the more difficult people… Read More

Tech Lust: An XO this holiday season?

So after not-so-much deliberation, I have decided to get my six-year-old an XO and hell, I might get one for myself… Read More

How to get concert info through iTunes

I was told about JamBase by a friend of mine as a place to find out what shows are around the area. The site… Read More