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Redefining “The Gaze”

The concept of the gaze is fundamentally about the relationship of pleasure and images. In psychoanalysis, the term “scopophilia” refers to pleasure in looking, and exhibitionism in… Read More

How the Banner Ad Was Born

Here’s a neat historical look back at the birth of the banner ad: The ad, which ran in October 1994, performed very well. It… Read More

Sponsored Content: An antidote for ad blindness?

By Pete Meacham, Director of Marketing The iconoclastic adman Howard Luck Gossage (1917-1969) once said that no matter how much data and analytics… Read More

How Can a Link Help Your Website?

A link can help your website in more ways then you probably thought. I don’t think we need to go over the ins and outs of… Read More

Can Facebook Ads Make You Rich? Yes. Well…No. Maybe?

So I walked into the office yesterday morning and started my typical routine. Made the office coffee, set up my laptop, and checked into Foursquare. Everything was… Read More

Politics & Social Media: Together forever?

In the past few years social media has become a larger part of politics then I ever could have imagined. To start, I’d like to… Read More

The Rise of the Mobile Gaming Industry

With the average iPhone user playing 14.7 hours of games each month it’s no surprise that the mobile gaming industry is expected to double by… Read More

Bad Men.

Newsweek magazine did a front-page story on the return of Mad Men this week, and in an inspired bit of creativity, turned the clock backwards… Read More

The Dirty Secret Behind User Data Collection & Tracking

By Dr. Sean Carton, Chief Creative Officer and Professor of the Practice at the University of Baltimore Privacy’s always been a big concern on the… Read More

Where Have All the Links Gone?

Have you noticed anything different about your Google search results lately? If you’re like most people you probably haven’t? But if you’re a little more… Read More