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SEO Generating More Leads than PPC, Social Media [Report]

According to the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report compiled by Webmarketing123, a California-based online marketing agency, SEO has become the number one lead… Read More

Ode to Advertising (From an Intern’s Perspective)

Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to New York City to attend Advertising Week (an event denoted on… Read More

FINALLY: Twitter Web Analytics

Last week, the developers from Twitter announced that they were releasing Twitter Web Analytic a tool geared at measuring Twiter… Read More

Get Ready for a Renaissance in Advertising

“In today’s digital world, it is clear now more than ever before that pricing power is rapidly shifting to the consumer. The digital medium has… Read More

Would You Pass Facebook’s Grammar Test?

Each PPC advertising platform out there has its own set of rules and a few inevitable quirks that makes it different from the rest. Some… Read More

TV Advertising Gets Another Shot

  The “Targeted TV Ads Set for Takeoff” article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Suzanne… Read More

The Forecast Calls For Snow(man).

Here’s a billboard we designed for UB that just went up a week ago; I’m particularly pleased with the results because we had to do… Read More

IE9 to have “tracking protection”

Interesting news out of Redmond regarding a component of Internet Explorer 9 that may impact the efficacy of online advertising. The feature in question… Read More

The Web is not a TV Channel

Wow. There’s so much to digest in this article, it’s hard to even know where to start. I’ll start here: …This is why advertisers and… Read More

The End of the Ad Agency?

From my latest ClickZ article: “Do we really need advertising agencies anymore? Are we witnessing the great ‘reboot’ of the advertising industry hastened (but not… Read More