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The Ubiquitous Phonebook – Why Wont You Just Die?

Last week I heard someone banging on my front door. It was the mailwoman letting me know there was a package too big to fit… Read More

Old Media Deathwatch: Deconstructing Spot Runner

Why is Madison Avenue quaking in its boots about Spot Runner? Because of an itch one gets when looking at Spot Runner and then switching… Read More

AOL Bets Big on Ads

Earlier this week, AOL announced a departure from their subscription based revenue model. They plan to make cash by selling ad space. In fact,… Read More

A good dentist is hard to find

I’d been working in the Web industry for a few years before I realized how the Internet was going to change absolutely everything. The year… Read More

Old Media Deathwatch: One in Four Teens Can’t Name Broadcast Networks

If you doubt that old media is on the way out, this recent story in AdAge (Google cache link) should change your mind pretty quickly. Read More

In Their Brilliance, Wal-Mart Forgot One Thing: The Consumer

Wal-Mart has made oodles of dollars by applying some smart and consistent strategies to their operation. They have made significant investments to their infrastructure,… Read More

Skype Offering Free Calls Anywhere in US/Canada

It’s gotta be costing them a bundle, but it’s sure to land them a whole passel o’ new customers. Internet telephony app Skype… Read More