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More on the Howard Schultz/Starbucks Memo

NPR did a story this weekend on the Starbucks brouhaha. They went to Pike Market in Seattle to visit the original Starbucks, and it was… Read More

You got my attention. Now what?

I don’t make a habit of clicking on ads. I create them, I look at them, and am… Read More

Jury d’Ethique Publicitaire

“Adjudication of the Jury d’Ethique Publicitaire: Complaint: The ad is regarded as degrading and shocking, of bad taste, vulgar, disrespectful of human dignity and… Read More

CareerBuilder knocks C-K, C-K cuts Back

So you have all heard of careerbuilder, you know, the monkeys & whatnot. What is interesting is that several years ago you may NOT have… Read More

5 of the worst commercials ever!

I was working on my regular column for ClickZ and had decided to write about Cartoon Network’s Boston “viral marketing” fiasco when I began to… Read More

American Women and Spiritual Thirst

Atoosa Rubenstien: See her as a future Oprah / Martha Stewart meets hello kitty with a bit of New York thrown in on the side… Read More

Skinning Ads & Personalization (The Future is Now)

I’ve been tinkering with Pandora for a while now, over the course of a year at least. For those unfamiliar,… Read More

Buy Ads to Sell More Ads

Google’s revenue model is largely tied to the sales of ads.Newspaper’s revenue model is also mainly tied to selling ads. It works quite… Read More

Marketing is not a department

John Dodds over at “make marketing history” has written a several-paragraphs-long response to the cluetrain, called the j-train, that is worth praise for both… Read More

Internet Ad Spending Is Set to Top ’05 High – $16 billion

The wall street journal had this to say today: “Internet Ad Spending Is Set to Top ’05 High NEW YORK — Internet ad sales for… Read More