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University 5.0

If you understand the reality of higher education today, then you’re willing to take the leap to the stage we like to call “University 5.0.”… Read More

A Response to an AdAge Article, “From the Classroom to the Office: Where Expectation Meets Reality”

Michael read this article and circulated it to a couple of people. Not before long, the entire leadership was reading it. Read More

Top 3 Trends in Digital Media: Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing

Digital media is in our DNA. And because we live this stuff, keeping current is something we do naturally. But we don’t just work to… Read More

Why the Rise of Donald Trump Should Make us Doubt the Hype About Artificial Intelligence

As the Primary season has progressed, there’s been no end of political pundits backpedaling and mea-culpa-ing over their previous inability to predict the rise of… Read More

Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Medium

  The perks of Medium are pretty obvious. The channel is free to use, has a built in audience, and it provides content creators with… Read More

Marketing Strategy: OpenEDU Model

There are two types of people in this world: those who agree that strategy is hard—and damn liars… That’s… Read More

The Contrarian Guide to Content Marketing Part II

In April we looked at all the reasons why you shouldn’t do content marketing with The Contrarian Guide to Content Marketing Part I. If you’ve… Read More

The Contrarian Guide to Content Marketing Part I

One of the things that the digital marketing industry’s great at is taking old ideas and renaming them so that they seem hip and new. Read More

Social Media Utopia

In 1516, Sir Thomas More published Utopia, a fictional account of an ideal society located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. While it was… Read More

In the Digital Age, We Are Our Own News Source

Occasionally there are times when something in the world of technology changes and you just know that somehow things are never going to be the… Read More