Central Carolina Community College


We’ve combed through the work we’ve amassed over the years and hand-picked these case studies just for CCCC. As you likely know about us, most of our work is in higher education and as such we have plenty to share in that space. There is a full range of creative, technical, and strategic know-how in these case studies for you to fossilize just what kind of partner you will find in idfive.

Defining the voice of a community pillar.

Masked Aims Community College students pose around a neon sign in a campus common area, the sign reads "I heart aardvarks"

Aims Community College

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Showcasing the depth of a lakeside leader.

A group of Carthage College students sits on rocks, looking out over Lake Michigan.

Carthage College

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Celebrating 200 years.

Colgate students hurry to their classes on a sunny day in early fall, the chapel visible in the background

Colgate University

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Expressing the wonder of space exploration.

Nighttime photo of the Milky Way visible over a mountainous horizon

Johns Hopkins APL Civil Space

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Banding together under a bold umbrella.

University of Hartford

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Giving voice to the liberal arts.

Three U-Dub students sit on a bench on campus

University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences

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Unifying the news hub of a flagship HBCU.

Howard University “The Dig”

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Shaping the story of a niche experience.

Students exchange high fives and wave thunder sticks at a parade on the SUNY Potsdam campus

SUNY Potsdam

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Conveying the scope of a community titan.

Carroll Community College

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Building a universal brand for astrophysics.

Deep space photograph displays a distant star cluster and nebula

Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

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Advocating for the arts and the humanities.

An elaborately costumed dancer twirls during a staged production, causing a long rainbow banner to billow outward into a spiral

UMD Arts & Humanities

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Designing a website as bright as the future.

A University of Maryland student in a space suit ties rope during an underwater equipment test

UMD Innovation Gateway

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