The idfive Team. Disarmingly smart. Ferociously passionate. Surprisingly cuddly.

Ahmed Tarik

Account Executive

Famous for his ability to become your new best friend within minutes, Ahmed is a thoughtful and caring leader with incredible problem-solving skills. He holds a masters degree in conflict transformation and has several years of experience managing web projects. The caveat is that when he's on the soccer field, Ahmed reserves his kind demeanor for the post-game handshakes only.

Notable Clients: Colgate University, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Abel Communications

Quote: "Whoa guys, chill."

Alias: The Office "Bike-to-Work" Guy

John Frizzera

Senior Marketing Manager

In his 20+ years in the marketing industry John’s taken on quite a few titles: copywriter, strategist, project manager, consultant, 4:00 pm coffee maker, March Madness Office Pool Champ, etc. Countless marketing publications, newsletters, websites, and mass emails have felt the warmth of his expertise. And as a consultant for the University of Maryland Medical System, he mastered the art of communicating complicated values to everyday people.

Notable Clients: Internal idfive Support

Quote: "We're going for a Hail Mary -- I don't care if it's the 1st quarter!"

Alias: Coach

Tom Marsden

Office Manager

My past is none of your business. Put that recorder down, and get out of my office.

Notable Clients: What are you still doing here?

Quote: OUT I said! That’s it, I’m getting my pepper spray, man.”

Alias: Mr. T

Alan Carl

Senior Writer & Content Strategist

As an online marketing writer since the late 1990’s, Alan has developed his content marketing and SEO chops right alongside the rise of the internet. The two of them are practically brothers—except that Alan never encouraged the internet to perform dangerous feats for his entertainment. Part strategic thinker, part creative wordsmith, Alan writes content that is engaging, easy to digest, and always aligned with the client’s goals.

Notable Clients: Walden University

Quote: “Let’s blog about it.”

Alias: Quick-Draw

Pat Balasavage

Senior Designer

With degrees in both Graphic Design and Biology, Pat believes that the world would be a better place if science and creativity could just get along. Whether it’s a website design, print ad or event display, her work illustrates a love of creative solutions that are backed by research. A former teacher, Pat is also known for her patience, organization, and uncanny ability to tell who's not paying attention.

Notable Clients: University of Maryland, Howard University, Bellese Technologies

Quote: “Be a thinker, not a stinker.” - Apollo Creed

Alias: Sweet & Savage

Jill Sprague

Lead Media Strategist

Jill is the type of tireless media professional that excels in the ever-changing industry. She is a master of programmatic buying, an adept media planner, and in her 15 years of client-facing account management has never met a challenge she couldn’t get pumped about.

Notable Clients: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Drexel University LeBow College of Business, and American University

Quote: "We've got spirit yes we do, we've got spirit, how about you!?"

Alias: Cheer Captain

Samantha Eckels

Account Executive

Samantha runs her projects with a focus on teamwork, communication, passion, and other traits she picked up as a Division 1 athlete. She has worked on everything from website redesigns to digital advertising campaigns, and is inspired by the creativity that fuels the marketing industry. Dogs, Baltimore sports, and a road trip to the beach are just a few things you’ll find her enjoying outside of work.

Notable Clients: American College of Financial Services, Johns Hopkins University, Live Baltimore

Quote: "Go, birds!"

Alias: Sunshine

Tara Nowakowski

AVP Finance

Profile cut for budgetary reasons.

Quote: “Hello, friend.”

Alias: Number Crunch

Cortney Marshall


Cortney is a passionate designer with an eye for detail and a knack for seeing the bigger picture. She was the lead designer for the fitness & wellness brand FX Well, which grew from an ambitious startup to a thriving company with a national client base. A long-time athlete herself, Cortney is a yoga fanatic, a former gymnastics coach, and when the National Guard (a client at the time) once let her take the US Army’s physical fitness test, she passed and was technically deemed "combat ready."

Notable Clients: Walden University, Eddie's of Roland Park, FX Well

Quote: "Yes, I'm 'combat ready.' But I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Alias: American Gladiator

Robbie Callen

Associate Director of Development

Fueled by venti iced coffees and the latest dance music booming in his earbuds, Robbie brings an incredible amount of focus and energy to his web development work. A full-stack developer, Robbie works on both the front-end and back-end of websites. He is a keen problem solver and is always on top of the latest web trends, especially if they pertain to his technological love interest, Apple.

Notable Clients: BOPA Light City, BOPA Top of the World, Johns Hopkins Medicine CLOSLER

Quote: "Yaaaas."

Alias: Earbuds

Anthony Neumann

Senior Web Developer

Anthony doesn’t shy away from big websites. In fact, it’s the complex, super-sophisticated, back-flipping web properties that truly shine a light on his programming intelligence and deep set of back-end and front-end web development expertise. Aside from work and family, Anthony spends his time on the golf course in the never-ending pursuit of a perfect game.

Notable Clients: Barcoding, Inc., Loyola University Health System, the New York Philharmonic

Quote: "A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing."

Alias: Neumann!

Peter Toran

Lead Strategist

Having served as the VP of Communications and Planning at the University of Baltimore for a decade and change, Peter is an expert on enrollment strategy, institutional branding, and communications. He is also an Executive Board Member of WYPR, Maryland’s NPR station, an award-winning playwright, and once guest starred as a nameless, loose-cannon bad guy on the third season of Early Edition.

Notable Clients: University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, University of Baltimore, Clinical Legal Education Association, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Helia Health and Wellness

Quote: "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

Alias: Shakespeare

Isaac Buckley


Isaac’s eager to channel the transformative nature of design to create unique experiences and incite positive change. Since complex problems require comprehensive solutions, he values work that targets systems, human psychology, and a culture of empathetic, user-first design. Isaac has a visual storytelling background in interactive art and illustration and is currently a graphic design MFA candidate at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He’s a comic artist and reluctant video game player in his spare time.

Alias: Ike, John Mayer, GOAT

Jake Tarbet

Associate Vice President

A veteran of the Disney Institute, Jake understands that the greatest business truths are distilled from creativity, discipline, and sometimes cartoon mice. He rules the account department with a pragmatic and well manicured fist, and is a favorite amongst idfive’s longest-standing clients. Respected for his level-headedness, he’s a drop of stability and reason in a whirlpool of hectic demands and scary ideas. Jake holds a BS in Business Administration from Susquehanna University and an MBA from St. Joseph’s University.

Notable Clients: The University of Baltimore, Meridian Health Care, Brookes Publishing.

Quote: "Your timesheet has been rejected.”

Alias: Tarbs

Frank Diller

Associate Director of Client Services

With the ability to translate marketing goals into actionable tasks, Frank connects clients with creative with more grace and intellect than your average Associate Director of Account Services. Born and bred in Baltimore, he has experience as a writer, a web designer, and a coach for his daughter’s basketball team. Planning and patience are his virtues: he taught 7-year-old girls how to play zone defense.

Notable Clients: Howard University, George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health

Quote: "I guess I must be having fun." - Talking Heads

Alias: Frank the Tank, Killa Dilla, Apple

Jorge Gutierrez

Web Developer

For Jorge, being a web developer is like having superpowers. Not the kind that makes you want to wear a cape and run around KAPOW!-ing bank robbers...but the kind that helps you build accessible, easy-to-use, and powerful websites from scratch. As a front-end developer at idfive’s Medellín, Colombia office, that’s precisely what Jorge does—flexing his expertise in front-end languages, web accessibility, and semantic content structure (for the good of mankind, of course).

Notable Clients: idfive Internal Support

Quote: "Coding = life."

Alias: Bruce Wayne

Bill Ritson

Senior Account Executive

Born and raised in our great Old Line State, Bill has worked at a number of Baltimore advertising agencies and freelanced regionally as a copywriter and digital strategist. He has a knack for pushing digital products through the finish line in tip-top shape, and hidden under his icy visage fit for a Game of Thrones character is a mind for strategy, a creative instinct, and, we’re told, a cuddly heart.

Notable Clients: SUNY Potsdam, UMD School of Public Policy, FoodPrint

Quote: "You know the words: Winter is coming."

Alias: Braveheart

Connor Wilson

Account Supervisor

Connor is a full-package account supervisor who thrives in fast-paced, high-demand, dog-friendly work environments. He has an analytical mindset and strong ability to balance details across multiple projects—skills which he has battle-tested through internships at three separate marketing agencies. A classically trained musician, Connor enjoys singing and arranging music. Ask him to belt Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma” and he 100% will. It’s the law. Opera law.

Notable Clients: Johns Hopkins University, American College

Quote: “Please don’t actually ask me to sing opera.”

Alias: Pavarotti

Paige Wheeler

Account Executive

A fanatical, detail-oriented Account Executive, Paige juggles the needs, challenges, and ambition's of her clients with the dexterity of a ringmaster. She has worked with a number of mission-based brands, including the National MS Society and Greensboro Imaging, and is inspired by the opportunity to build brand loyalty for those that deserve it the most. A low-key Masterpiece Theater addict, Paige spends an above average amount of her free time in the romantic world of Victorian Era lords and ladies.

Quote: "I should hate to be predictable."

Alias: Lady Crawley

Jayvie Arellano

Web Developer

Jayvie is a self-taught front-end developer, having colonized Geocities with his epic poetry way back 1997. Since then, he’s expanded his skills, building complex sites using WordPress—though he still pulls up Yahoo from time to time and dreams about what could have been. Jayvie has a hands-on design background, earned one ink stain at a time while growing up in his family’s printing press business. He's built sites for large institutions and small businesses alike. He spends his free time in the company of friends or family and at the gym or the yoga studio. He also holds the world record for bench-pressing live tigers, pending verification from the Guinness committee.

Notable Clients: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Smithsonian Institution

Quote: "I build things that don't break."

Alias: Tequila Mockingjay

Meagan Petri

Associate Creative Director

With a background in both design and front-end web development, Meagan crafts compelling digital experiences across advertising campaigns, websites and apps, brand identities, and more. Over her 13 years in the industry, she has worked with and won awards for clients including the National Aquarium, Kleenex, and Marriott Hotels. With an insatiable curiosity, Meagan's constantly sharpening her creative skillset, tweaking courses for her graphic design students, and perfecting her homemade pasta.

Notable Clients: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Smithsonian Institute, Maryland SPCA

Quote: “Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” –Leo Burnett

Alias: Al Dente; Meags

Caitlin Currey

Associate Vice President

Caitlin understands clients because she’s been the client, working as a senior communications manager for the Savannah College of Art and Design. While there she helped oversee the communications for the Savannah Film Festival, and the launch of SCAD’s Hong Kong campus. When not on the phone with a client, she can be found eating Old Bay caramels and pestering developers.

Notable Clients: Savannah College of Art and Design, Boys and Girls Club, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, Whitman, Requardt & Associates

Quote: “This is a hot mess.”

Alias: Cutty

Andrew White

Associate Director of User Experience and Information Design

Andrew has made a career working across many disciplines on projects large and small—an asset when designing robust user experiences. Still figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up, he recently got his M.S. in Interaction Design and Information Architecture from the University of Baltimore. When he's not thinking about food, he’s tirelessly building client relationships and sticking up for the little guy, the user.

Notable Clients: Colgate University, UMD Health Center, BOPA, Brookes Publishing

Quote: "Wocka Wocka"

Alias: Skinny Tie

Taylor Jade Powell


As a multimedia writer with a passion for cause-driven work, Taylor believes that the keyboard is always stronger than the sword. While serving as a communications coordinator at Johns Hopkins University and a digital producer at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Taylor used a digital-first approach to connect with people and tell powerful stories. When she isn’t busy using her storytelling skills to move people, Taylor likes to travel, volunteer, and take care of her black lab, Chance.

Notable Clients: Walden University, University of Maryland School of Nursing

Quote: "Wanna see a picture of my dog?"

Alias: Chance the Labber

Jodi Hey

Associate Director of Client Services

Jodi has an impressive balance of right and left brainpower: the right for guitar picking and creative direction and the left for marketing tactics and budget precision. With a M.A. in Publications Design Marketing and experience as a Creative Director, Jodi has a craving for challenging projects with a unique look. “Bring it on” isn’t only on her list of B-movie faves—it’s a mantra you’ll find her muttering as she digs into her work.

Notable Clients: Smithsonian Institute, Johns Hopkins Development and Alumni Relations, and Aerotek

Quote: "Hey hey, my my, rock and roll will never die."

Alias: Jodi Mitchell, Jodes, The Almighty Jodester

Matt McDermott

AVP Creative Strategy

A Baltimorean by birth and destiny, Matt’s a former city public school teacher and roller derby referee: the two are unrelated. You’ll find his fingerprints on everything at idfive—from the creative to the pastries. He finds great joy in working with people much smarter and better looking than he is. He serves on the board of directors for CLIA (Community Law in Action) and is an active volunteer and fundraiser at BARCS (the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter). He also serves as President of the American Advertising Federation's Baltimore chapter and is an adjunct professor of advertising at Towson University.

Notable Clients: United Way, Maryland SPCA, Smithsonian, Harvard University, National Geographic, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University.

Quote: “Are you going to eat that?”

Alias: That Guy

Michael Craven

Senior Web Developer

As a former web developer for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Michael’s no stranger to the variety of web challenges that universities and other large institutions face. Whether it’s back-end Drupal development and theming for 1,000+ webpages, integrating user-friendly content systems, or safeguarding reams of data, the guy’s got you covered. He’s also a licensed lawyer and martial artist, which pretty much makes him Batman.

Notable Clients: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Walden University, University of Maryland

Quote: “I’m whatever Gotham (or the client) needs me to be.”

Alias: Caped Crusader

Chris Smith

AVP Marketing

Chris is a multi-channel marketer with his finger on the pulse of the fast moving digital space—and his hand in the cookie jar of strategic ideas. He believes creative technology and media aren’t mutually exclusive—they’re just dating. And he aims to bridge the divide between all disciplines to deliver on-target solutions for idfive’s clients. He wields digital strategy and new technology like nun-chuks to knock down business obstacles and take down our clients’ most vexing problems.

Notable Clients: Werner Ladder, American University, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Quote: "Time to get to work."

Alias: Country Boy

Erinn Hesse

Associate Director of Client Services

According to Erinn, the bigger, bolder, more head-spinningly innovative a marketing project is the better. She brings the efficiency and leadership needed to actualize large-scale projects, and has been doing so for nearly eight years with clients that include the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, National Aquarium, and Maryland Auto Insurance.

Notable Clients: American College of Financial Services, Live Baltimore, Bloomsburg University, and University of Hartford

Quote: “It’s a garden, not a jungle.”

Alias: Plant Lady

Jessica Campomanes

Account Supervisor

With a good attitude and equally good wifi Jess dives into media challenges like a seasoned pro: Confident, poised, and with no time for silly stuff. She’s worked at several marketing companies, holds an MA in Marketing from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and is a research machine—if it’s not a media plan she’s assessing, its music lyrics on

Notable Clients: Loyola School of Education and College of Arts and Sciences, Deutsche Bank, Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health

Quote: "Get it, got it, good!"

Alias: Another Hot Shot Carey Grad

Jake Solyst

Senior Content Strategist & Producer

Jake has found his home as a copywriter and content marketer after a Rolling Stone-like intern lifestyle that took him from Maryland to Los Angeles to Brussels, Belgium. While he doesn’t speak French, Jake does speak the universal language of storytelling. It’s his aim to sprinkle brand stories that matter across the web like some kind of digital Johnny Appleseed.

Notable Clients: idfive, European GNSS Agency, Galileo Satellite System

Quote: "Tell me your story."

Alias: idfive Brand Journalist

Bryan Burke


A competitive sailor, avid cyclist, and creative renaissance-man, Bryan has a 50-knot energy level and expertise in graphic design, video production, animation, and more. He began perfecting his skills at a student-run advertising agency he started in college and quickly broke into the profession as a freelancer and then content designer at Nestle Purina Petcare. Though a Baltimore resident, Bryan spends most weekends setting sail out of Annapolis, Maryland to brave the Atlantic coast.

Notable Clients: Nestle Purina Petcare, Walden University, University of Maryland

Quote: “The chorus from the that one popular Styx song."

Alias: Captain B-Riz

Courtney Glancy

Art Director

Having traveled from Gothic cathedrals in Spain to the Pantone Hotel in Belgium, Courtney is a firm believer in the transformative power of design. As both a print and digital specialist, it’s been her pleasure elevate brands that include McCormick, Southern Illinois University Healthcare, and the Canton Community Association. With four cats, she’s also provided with daily reminders of how much you can get away with when you look astonishingly cute.

Notable Clients: Eddie's of Roland Park, Hartford University, Johns Hopkins Development of Alumni Relations

Quote: “I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food”.

Alias: Cat Mom

Mateo Orobio De la Cruz

Web Developer

Raised on literally any video game he could get his hands on, Mateo has a deep-seated love for technology, design, and bonus levels with challenging bosses. He is a front-end development whiz who has worked with big consumer brands such as Heineken and Tecate. And with a degree in Interactive Media Design from Universidad Icesi, he is adept at building beautiful animations and interactions.

Notable Clients: idfive Internal Support

Quote: “There are no cheat codes in life.”

Alias: Level Up

John Love

Senior Media Strategist

A sharp and creative thinker with a competitive edge, John is perfectly suited for the world of advertising. He has half a decade of experience developing media strategies, executing digital campaigns, conducting market research, and whatever else is needed to get a businesses’ message out. Living a double life, John is also a sought-after studio drummer in Baltimore and is in two bands of his own: Fadest and The Milestones

Notable Clients: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, American College of Financial Services, Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health

Quote: “Play it a little louder.”

Alias: Tommy Lee

Wesley Stuckey

Design Director

Wesley approaches design and marketing with a keen attention to details, exploration of critical design thinking, and with an ability to blend and adapt cultural and historical references—from Rembrandt to Reddit threads. He has over 15 years of experience building exciting, truthful brands, and has been published in How Magazine, PRINT, Communication Arts, Focal Press, and Princeton Architectural Press.

Notable Clients: United Way of Central Maryland, City Seeds, Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland Opera

Quote: "A little Southern charm goes a long, long way."

Alias: Wild Wild Wes

Kiara Richmond

Marketing Manager

With degrees in Advertising and Public Relations and experience at Girl's Life Magazine, Kiara has a strong eye for brand beautification. Her creative perspective and ever-present smile are a much-welcomed addition to any team she's apart of. And when it's all said and done, she's by far the best dancer at idfive.

Notable Clients: idfive

Quote: "This could use more pop."

Alias: idfive Style Coach

Andres Zapata


Andres is responsible for the operation and direction of idfive—up to and including turning off the lights before locking up. With over 20 years of experience leading projects for clients in various industries, he’s a fixture on the creative, development, and strategic teams at the agency.

Notable Clients: WRA, The University of Baltimore, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Quote: “Hope is not a strategy.”

Alias: Don't Quote Me On This

Dan Rogers

Senior Web Developer

Dan likes the view from both the front and back ends of development projects. He believes that technology should be the solution to, rather than cause of, problems. To him, no job is complete without a few quality high fives. Extra points for style and difficulty. When he's not geeking out about semantic markup or strict grid based layouts, Dan's somewhere high in the Rockies (we’re talking about altitude presumably)—snowboarding, mountaineering, or just having fun in the sunshine with a dog or two.

Notable Clients: AmeriCorps, National Outdoor Leadership School, the Corporation for National and Community Service, the White House Council for Community Solutions

Quote: "Look good first. Feel good second. Safety if there's time."

Alias: Randy Champagne

Marge Mañuga

Web Developer

Marge seeks to achieve a balance between art and science by applying new technologies with a creative and humanistic approach. At the end of every digital product is an actual person, and Margaret wants to who they are, what they need, and what their challenges are. Outside of work Margareth spends her time watching films, reading books, and playing video games.

Notable Clients: idfive Internal Support

Quote: “May the force be with you.”

Alias: March-In-Charge

Tony Barsotti

Senior Web Developer

With expertise in front-end web development and a degree in Graphic Design, Tony has the unique ability to produce front-end website interactions and animations exactly as the design team dreamt them up. His technical prowess and artistic eye are a perfect fit for idfive’s collaborative workplace. And equally so for his after-work hobby: wildlife photography.

Notable Clients: University of Maryland, Colgate University, Brookes Publishing

Quote: "Look, a Bald Eagle!"

Alias: Snapshot

Dr. Sean Carton

Chief Strategist

Sean is the Chief Strategist at idfive, founding Dean of the School of Design and Media at Philadelphia University, and the co-author of one of the first books about the Web (The Mosaic Quick Tour series).

Notable Clients: Rubbermaid, Armstrong, Maryland Institute College of Art, Goucher College, iRobot, University of Michigan, University of Maryland, and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Quote: “You can never have enough parentheses.”

Alias: El Beardo

Katelyn Brickey

Senior Account Executive

Katelyn brings proven problem-solving abilities and detail-oriented mastery to her role as an account executive. An unapologetic perfectionist and eternal optimist, her personality could be used as an alternative energy source during power outages. She has several years of experience managing web and marketing projects, but she earned her street cred as a professional cheerleader for the Baltimore Blast Major League Indoor Soccer team and the Chesapeake Bayhawks Major League Lacrosse team.

Notable Clients: University of Maryland School of Nursing, University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Better Fish Farming, Chase Brexton for Health Care

Quote: “The fridge situation is cray-cray.”

Alias: Leg Kick

Ana Arboleda

Account Executive

Ana is an enthusiastic and perseverant Colombian woman. With a Bachelors of Arts in Foreign Languages and a Master in International Business, she has the drive to find and create opportunities everywhere on earth. She commits herself fully to projects from start to finish, using a unique ability to find better and more efficient ways to accomplish the goal.

Notable Clients: Internal idfive Support

Quote: “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." -- Vidal Sassoon

Alias: Eh avemaria!

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