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University 5.0

If you understand the reality of higher education today, then you’re willing to take the leap to the stage we like to call “University 5.0.”… Read More

idfive Revolutionizes Higher Ed Marketing Again With The Higher Ed Ipsum Copywriting Tool

BALTIMORE, April 1st, 2017—Messaging. Everybody knows it’s the lifeblood of integrated higher education marketing strategy. If schools can’t communicate their message in a way that… Read More

5 Ways to Nurture Admissions Leads With Content Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t just help you collect leads, it allows you to nurture them too. Once a lead has requested more information, purchased a product or downloaded material,… Read More

9 Questions To Ask Your Whole Team Before Starting A Higher Ed Marketing Campaign

Few endeavors in higher education embody the Anna Karenina principle as clearly as launching an integrated marketing campaign. There are seemingly… Read More

8 Ways Your Lead Generation Campaign Could Be Failing You

Online lead generation isn’t a simple process. There’re just too many pieces of the puzzle that all need to work together in order to provide a… Read More

Marketing Tips From A Newsletter Designed For College Students

No matter the industry, your marketing content should be developed for a single audience and with a single goal in mind. In higher education marketing,… Read More

6 Marketing Goals Your University Blog Can Accomplish If Done Right

The biggest mistake a student recruitment team can make with its content marketing effort is distributing articles that were never designed for student recruitment in the first place. While student newspapers,… Read More

Video Content Made by Colleges and Universities In-House

If the success of home-spun YouTube channels has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need high quality production value to engage a young audience. Read More

The Brand of Higher Education: Context for the Conflict

The brand of higher education seems to be torn between two extremes. On one side you’ve got the seemingly non-stop, bad press about increasing student… Read More

idfive Honored by CASE

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education awards idfive two 2015 Circle of Excellence Awards Baltimore, MD (June 9, 2015)… Read More