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idfive Launches SUNY Potsdam Website

Baltimore, MD  (February, 15th) Integrated marketing agency idfive has launched a redesigned website for SUNY Potsdam, an over 200-year-old school in the… Read More

Remember, You Are Marketing to Real Life People

After P&G had spent millions of dollars developing Febreze, it sold poorly. When company researchers visited the homes of their target… Read More

idfive Website Design Wins Gold in National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association Awards Program

This year, the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) awards idfive’s design of the… Read More

How to Write a Compelling Alumni, Donor, or Patient Profile Story

Profile stories offer a quick and convenient way to provide your audience with a personal perspective of your organization. With few exceptions, a… Read More

Shifting Higher Education to a Retail Model for Adult Learners

A full-time undergraduate degree is not an ideal form of education for many of today’s adult learners. Often working… Read More

A Look Back at The 2018 Higher Education Marketing Symposium

Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we headed? Those questions were at the core of the discussions at idfive’s Higher Education… Read More

The Heart and Brain of Picking a College

Why should a prospective student choose your school? This simple question is ultimately the most important question a college website needs to answer. Why should… Read More

Improving Diversity Marketing in Higher Education

Can colleges do a better job of portraying diversity? Recently Rebecca Darmoc, a Marketing Director at Rush University College of Nursing, tackled… Read More

Colleges and Cash Crops – Creating New Revenue Streams

For several years, colleges big and small have faced tough economic times. Tuition rates continue to rise, leaving many to offer… Read More

What Marketers Can Learn From The Worst Higher Education Website Ever

It seemed highly unlikely that web brutalism, a design style that is intentionally clunky, ugly and outdated, would ever be… Read More