Baltimore County Golf
Web Design & Development


Baltimore County Golf, a division of the Baltimore County Revenue Authority, owns and manages five championship golf courses within the Baltimore area. Through each course the organization coordinates events and offers membership opportunities, merchandising, and expert instructions from a team of PGA professionals. Their role in the region has a clear impact on local golfing, but with an outdated website, the organization struggled to expose players to their many offerings. Discovering courses and setting tee times on-the-go was difficult, the exceptional quality of the courses wasn’t being conveyed, and the amenities and services they offer were not being enjoyed by everyone. As a leader in the golf industry, it was clear that new technology was needed to reach BCG’s potential.


Partnering with BCG, the idfive team built a functional, informative and modern website. Designed with a mobile first strategy, the Baltimore County Golf website accesses geolocation technology on smartphones to show users the courses nearest to them, making it easier than ever for golfers to find a place to play no matter where they are. Capturing the premium quality of each of these courses, as well as the overall spirit of the sport, is a modern brand design, insightful copy, and photography that puts you right on the fairway–or above it in the case of The Woodlands’ drone-footage.

The finished website is a hub for local golfers. The amenities, training opportunities and membership deals BCG offers are showcased in an intuitive layout, with tools like the Course Matrix breaking down courses by their unique offerings, ensuring an exceptional experience at an affordable price. As players of all skill sets look to Baltimore for golfing opportunities, it’ll be the extensive and comprehensive value of the BCG website that stands apart from others in the industry.

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