Baltimore Police Department A force for good.

The Challenge

A changing economy, restrictive police qualification standards, and expanding responsibilities have all contributed to challenges in recruiting and retaining police officers nationwide. For the Baltimore Police Department, these challenges are compounded by the department’s strained relationship with the community it serves. To reverse this trend, the BPD needed an authentic yet hopeful recruitment and engagement campaign. A campaign that declared BPD’s commitment to constitutional community policing while starting a dialogue to repair its image.

The Solution

Developed in partnership with the Baltimore Police Department and the Mayor of Baltimore’s Office of Performance and Innovation, idfive developed “A Force For Good.” The campaign relied heavily on ethnographic audience data gathered during hundreds of hours of officer and community interviews. The integrated campaign eschews traditional police recruitment messages—tropes like cops sliding across the hoods of cars with guns drawn. Instead, it highlights the professional benefits and positive social impact that comes with being a Baltimore police officer. 

The campaign features audience-specific recruitment landing pages, each telling the powerful stories of officers—and community members. The campaign includes a mix of digital display ads, Google search, and social media content as well as a 60-second video made in partnership with the creative agency, Kapowza. “A Force For Good” not only serves as a platform for recruiting passionate, dedicated officers who love the city, but starts an optimistic conversation about the future of the BPD and the city of Baltimore.

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