Bellese Technologies Giving a fast-growing tech company a brand to stand on.

The Challenge

For fast-growing companies, goals are a moving target. When Bellese Technologies first reached out to idfive, they were looking for a media plan to land new business. Working with the software development & consulting firm, we realized they didn’t need new clients — their pipeline was filled with work. Through our discovery, we uncovered their biggest challenge: enhancing their brand to attract clients across a greater range of industries. With the client on board, idfive pivoted our strategy to better meet their needs.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough evaluation of Bellese Technologies’ website, brand, and business, we refined their brand identity and messaging platform. This included developing a new logo, tagline, brand standards, and messaging strategy.

Using the brand guidelines, we then redesigned their website to better articulate their true differentiators while conveying to audiences the high level of sophistication they bring to projects as evangelists for lean and agile software development.

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