Colgate University Bicentennial Celebrating history, with a vision for the future.

The Challenge

In preparation for its bicentennial, Colgate University partnered with idfive to create a microsite that celebrated the institution’s past, present, and future. Colgate needed to distill 200 years-worth of history and information into an engaging online experience, and then connect this historical narrative to Colgate’s vision for the future. Colgate also wanted users to leave the website feeling invested in the future of Colgate and inspired to financially support the university in its third century.

The Solution

Colgate at 200 Years is an interactive website that honors the university’s 200-year history, recognizes its present success, and looks towards a bright future for the university’s third century. A “Share Your Story” feature kicks off the user’s experience, inviting audiences to be a part of the historic celebration by sharing stories with current students, alumni, faculty, and staff in the Colgate community. Complimenting this content is a parallax timeline that chronicles 200 years of school history, and leads users to a “Looking Forward” section that projects the school’s future, creates excitement, and drives support.

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