University of Hartford Unifying seven schools & colleges under one brand.

The Challenge

Comprised of seven renowned schools and colleges, the University of Hartford offers an array of experiences and interdisciplinary learning opportunities for its students. To celebrate these diverse experiences while unifying them under a single brand, the University sought to redesign its website — the primary destination for prospective students and their parents interested in the University. Through the redesign, the University aimed to not only bring their core brand to life, but to help students discover their own unique educational path while developing a connection with the University at large.

The Solution

The redesigned University of Hartford website establishes a cohesive digital identity for the University while serving the needs of prospective students and other audiences. Informed by idfive’s extensive Discover360 process, the website’s new content structure and design offer a unique brand experience, while anchoring all seven schools and colleges and with unique homepages, exemplifying how these sites can be both distinctive and connected. Additional features such as the homepage’s program explorer, user-tested navigation, and strategically positioned call-to-action buttons help users find the information they are looking for while encouraging them to learn more about the institution by browsing. Executed through a mobile-friendly design with high usability standards, these solutions align with the University’s vision, and match the incredible student experience the University provides.

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